Smartstone offers the most beautiful colours and patterns available in quartz surfaces, across four versatile colour collections. Smartstone’s new releases include unique, innovative colours featuring the most natural looking and affordable veined surfaces in the market.

With Smartstone, enjoying the luxurious look of stone surfaces no longer comes at a prestige price. A simple cost structure will help you select the best Smartstone to suit your budget. Our five price points, are based on the composition and pattern of the surface and are not a reflection of the range’s quality.

Pricing and Quality

  • Essentials

    Beautiful, affordable and all larger slabs measuring 3050mm x 1500mm.

  • Premium

    A collection of premium surfaces, offering refined grains and natural looking patterns.

  • Premium Plus

    Our Premium Plus pairing of Delphi and Amara, with refined grains, natural patterns and a larger 1600mm slab size

  • Exclusive

    Innovative surfaces that beautifully replicate natural stone with their distinctive veining on a luminous white background.

  • Luxury

    Some of the world’s most luxurious stone surfaces, including our superb veined collection.

To order physical samples click the '+' icon on the samples you would like then enter your details in the 'Request Samples' form at the bottom of the page. NOTE: Maximum 4 samples.

Milan Collection Famously on the cutting edge of design and fashion, the Italian city of Milan lends its name to this stunning, directional Smartstone Collection. Like Milan itself, the collection is bold and modern, offering surfaces in shades that exude Euro-chic designer style.

Paris Collection This Smartstone Collection aptly takes its inspiration from a city renowned for its sophistication and style. Its colours evoke facets of Parisian life, from stylish street scenes to elegant parks, and from café colours to the decor in grand French family homes.

Santorini Collection In no other destination in the world will you see white as bright as on the Greek island of Santorini with its idyllic whitewashed houses. And in no other surface range will you find equally sublime whites than in Smartstone’s Santorini Collection.

Toledo Collection With its ancient castle, stone walls and cobbled streets, the Spanish citadel of Toledo is an enchanting place. Its earthy-creamy palette was the inspiration behind the Smartstone Toledo Collection, the most beautiful range of neutral surfaces available.

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 Iceberg White Absolute White Breeze Blanc Breeze Pearl Breeze Ashen Light Veined Michelangelo Veined Baroque Veined Africa Night Black Twinkle Black Pebble Dark Grey Pebble Light Grey Pebble Cappuccino Grey Beige Canadian White White Twinkle White Calacatta Nuvo™5131 Pure White™1141 Bianco Drift™6131 Emperadoro™5380 Dreamy Marfil™5220 Frosty Carrina™5141 Alpine Mist™5110 Vanilla Noir™5100 Piatra Grey™5003 London Grey™5000 Nougat™6600 Organic White™4600 Wild Rice™4360 Ginger™4330 Shitake™4230 Buttermilk™4220 Clamshell™4130 Raven™4120 Oyster™4030 Raw Concrete™4004 Sleek Concrete™4003 Atlantic Salt™6270 Wild Rocks™6250 Ocean Foam™6141 Jet Black™3100 Nimbus™9601 Snow™2141 Osprey™3141 Ice Snow™9141 Fresh Concrete™4001 Statuario Nuvo™5111 Nero Galassia Gris Roca Marengo Athena Triton Theron Amara Naxos Ceniza Calacatta Blanco Gelsomino Nombre Almendra Blanco Piedra Arcadia Statuario Venato Vanilla Nieve White Carrara Absolute Blanc Pure Mineralstone Santorini Astral Delphi

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